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Canadian Author

This is the story of two women.

Elly is a kind hearted woman and nothing but bad things seem to happen to her. Stella is a self-destructive woman whose behaviour hurts everyone around her.

Stella gives Elly a second chance at everything she thought she had lost.



  Canadian Author

Marie is dead.

Her friends and family are left to cope with the loss while developing a better understanding of themselves in the process. She has left one confidante and a book behind to tell her story and reveal her unforunate yet unmistakable plan. Through the memories of others, a portrait of Marie's life reveals her struggle with mental illnes and broken family relationships that haunted her.

James is alive. A lost and broken hearted man, pressured by many to move on and let go of Marie, he struggles to accept life without her. He is the only one who knows the devastating truth about her death and the secret plagues him. Through a cloud of misery he comes to understand that Marie, with her unrelenting methods, had a plan for his life as well.



This book is currently untitled

"The psychological Canterbury Tales of our time"

~A. Fretz~